Certain fragrances are able to capture
the essence of a place

TRIDENTUM AQUA for Him and for Her encloses the whole aromatic variety of Trentino.

Relive the quintessence of its uncontaminated scenary: by lightly touching even a single note of the composition, the memories will reverberate instantly.

Tridentum Aqua is a sculpted
trace in the alpine breeze

Head notes

Fresh and light notes of the mountain, marked by Ferns, the freshness of freshly cut Grass and Field Flowers.

Heart notes

Notes of the Trentino Woods, Larches, Firs and Cembri Pines that harmoniously intertwine with notes of Geranium, Cyclamen and Blueberries.

Base notes

A rich Amber foundation, with notes of Resins, Tree Mosses and Fine Wood in harmony with the notes of Underwood.

Listen: in the silence of the wide valley, the memories light up one after the other, like sparks

Up there, where the inaccessible peaks stand out, the silence of the wide valley echoes undisturbed.

“One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a mountain lake”

D. Ackerman

Fototeca Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A. / FOTO DI Luciano Gaudenzio

Oozed from the secular trunks of Trentino, Tridentum Aqua is a dream decanted at high altitude lashed by the Dolomites breeze.

The whole aromatic complexity of Trentino is condensed into a concentration of natural raw materials, result of the local heritage of flora and woodland.

But the secret of TRIDENTUM AQUA lies beyond the excellence of its ingredients; it is safeguarded by the craftsmanship which each ampoule is packaged with.

Tridentum Aqua for Him and for Her
is only available in limited edition

You can find TRIDENTUM AQUA in the best perfumeries in some of the most prestigious hotels, spa and wellness centres in Trentino:

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